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A Toolkit for Healing Trauma

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  Did you know that you can experience different levels of trauma through your life? Each and every experience that you are faced with can have different lasting consequences. Some are positive and others are negative. When negative experiences linger and cause ripple effects that carry over into your future, this may be a sign that you have trauma you haven’t dealt with. But the good news is that there may be ways you can release these traumatic experiences to have better mental health and to overall improve your quality of life. It may be possible for you to learn...

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Anxiety, Depression and Heart Disease

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Did you know that there is a connection between mental health issues and cardiovascular problems? While you may not imagine your heart can suffer from mental illness, you would be surprised at just how connected the two are! Your activity level and stress level are both affected by how you handle life’s highs and lows, which can often include feelings of both anxiety and depression. How your body is affected by these factors isn’t limited to your mental and emotional state, but also your physical well being, including the health of your heart. When you’re suffering from mental illness, your body...

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Natural Essential Oil Stress Remedies

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Did you know that if your stress levels are left unchecked, they can cause havoc throughout your body? Stress is much more than just about mental strain and emotional issues. It has a very real effect on your body and can lead to serious problems if you fail to manage it in a healthy manner. Stress can ravage the systems that make up your body. You may experience headaches, muscle pain, serious digestive tract problems. Stress can do major damage to your heart, and can even cause a heart attack. Don’t underestimate the potential for your stress level to make you...

Healthy Skin & Getting the Right Sleep – What’s the Connection?

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Did you know that sleep has a direct correlation to skin health? The first step to achieving the healthy glowing skin you’ve always wanted is to get a good night’s sleep! You don’t need to spend a fortune on spa treatments, expensive topical solutions or dangerous plastic surgeries in order to get the healthy glowing skin you want. You don’t have to give up all the foods you love. All you might really need is good quality sleep. Research shows that poor sleep causes all kinds of problems for your health, including the skin health. When you get proper sleep,...

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