Improve Your Gut Health with Clean Eating

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Ever thought about how your diet affects your life? Your overall health is directly related to the health of your gut. And, the health of your gut is determined by what you’re putting in it. By eating healthy nutritious foods, your gut health could improve exponentially, and support improved health.

But what happens when you don’t eat the right foods?

If you keep eating foods that don’t provide your gut with the right nutrition, you could remain on the path of diminished gut health and poor total body wellness.

When you change your diet to include healthy foods in place of unhealthy foods, it could lead to better health and quality of life.

Everything you eat could have an effect on your gut health. In order to start making the right choices, you must learn what foods your gut craves. If you continue eating unhealthy foods, you could be prolonging the cycle of poor gut health, which could have terrible effects on your overall health.

You can learn how to eat for your healthy gut!

It’s only a matter of education combined with dedication to eating a clean diet.

If you learn how to eat a clean, nutritious diet for a healthy gut, your health could change in ways you never thought possible. You might lose excess weight, lower your cholesterol and other systems of your body could benefit as well. You’ll have more energy, decrease your chances of certain diseases and cancers, and just feel better every day. The benefits of eating a clean diet for a healthy gut are endless.

Many of the foods and beverages you consume each day could be hurting your gut.

By avoiding these certain foods and incorporating other, healthier options, you can make permanent healthy changes.

Did you know that by eliminating gluten from your diet, you can potentially overcome chronic ailments like gas, bloating, headaches, problems with your concentration, constipation, fatigue and diarrhea? What’s more, eliminating dairy products from your diet may reduce congestion and prevent irritable bowels as well as other things.

Did you know that by cutting out sugar, you can lose weight, have healthier skin and reduce joint pain and inflammation?

But what about coffee with all its eye-opening caffeine? Are you aware that by cutting out coffee, you can possibly reduce your blood pressure, improve your quality of sleep, and improve your mood?

By changing our diet, we take control of our health and our lives. Starting with a clean diet for a healthy gut is just a first step toward awesome total health!

You have the power.

Make the changes to your diet now to increase your quality of life.

A poor diet can result in what’s commonly called “leaky gut syndrome.” While it’s not totally understood, its symptoms include all manner of gut health issues like gas, cramps, sensitivities to certain foods and stomach pain.

By implementing rules for eating a healthy gut diet, we can potentially overcome virtually all the problems associated with leaky gut syndrome and increase our stomach health and total health. What we eat is up to us. It’s all about choice.

By implementing the 80/20 rule in our diet, we can begin eating for a healthy gut. The 80/20 rule means covering 80% of our plates with greens and vegetables and 20% with proteins and good fats. It’s a great way to start eating for a healthy gut.

Living with stomach problems and a low quality of life can be prevented by learning about what foods your hut needs to get healthy and stay healthy.

We’re very excited to have Dr. Alejandro Junger MD, speaking at the Healthy Gut Summit, February 9-16. Sign up now to hear Dr. Junger and many other amazing health experts who know how to guide their patients to success, and learn how to take a proactive approach toward your gut and overall health!

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