Nutrition and Detoxification for Everyday Wellness

The Standard American diet, or SAD, is something that probably affects you whether you realize it or not. The problem is, it may be affecting you negatively. If you are eating the SAD regularly, you may be consuming unhealthy amounts of sugar, gluten and toxic chemicals that are often found in food preservatives.

Eating this kind of unhealthy food can cause many health problems, not the least of which are diabetes, autoimmune diseases, allergic reactions and unhealthy weight gain. Eating a standard American diet can cause your inner beauty to suffer because it may cause an imbalance in your body.

But you can learn to eat a healthy diet and start nurturing the inner beauty of your body and mind.

What is the opposite of the standard American diet? It might include things like fresh fruits and vegetables, prepared at home with other quality ingredients such as whole grains or good fats such as avocados or olive oil.

Think about the last time you grabbed fast food on the way home from work. Did you eat it quickly in the car? Did you take the time to really enjoy the food? How did you feel afterward?

There is no one-size-fits-all fix that can be applied to every person. But health doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. It’s all about changing your lifestyle and committing to eating and living for good health. You aren’t designed to eat the standard American diet. No one is.

Did you know that there are several common foods which cause nutrient deficiencies and can affect your mental health?

What you put into your body affects your mind. Foods contain chemicals and those chemicals can have an impact on your mental health.

Did you know that certain foods cause irritability and anxiety while others elevate your mood? Your food is directly tied to your mind.

One food you may want to avoid is soy, which can affect thyroid function and can greatly affect your mood. Diet soda is full of unhealthy chemicals that can cause mood swings. Then, there’s sugar. Sugar gives you an energy boost, but it’s temporary, and when you come down your mood is affected. Finally, coffee causes increased adrenaline and anxiety. Not great for maintaining an even mood.

See if you notice an improvement in your mood and feeling of better mental health by eliminating these foods from your diet.

It may be possible for you to detox your body for better health every day.

Start by eating lots of of your favorite vegetables. Try to eat the organic variety whenever you can. Figue out how much protein your body needs. Don’t eat too much protein, and when you do, make sure it’s a healthy option like lean meat or nuts.

It’s a good idea to consider eliminating or greatly reducing your dairy intake for a detox. If you do eat dairy, pick the healthiest variety you can find. Design your own perfect green smoothie and drink them often. And finally, you might want to think about eliminating gluten and wheat from your diet for a period of time.

Create a healthier mind and body by making simple changes today!

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