The Brain-Gut Connection

Did you know your gut and your brain have a very important relationship when it comes to your health? There’s a very real connection between your digestive health and cognitive, mental and behavioral conditions, like depression, memory loss and brain fog.

If you are currently eating a healthy gut diet, like a paleo, primal or perfect health diet, but you are still experiencing gut symptoms, you could be suffering from a gut-brain axis issue. Your brain may not be working at full capacity, and that affects the gut.

The reduced activity of the brain can lead to problems with digestion and inflammation in your gut.

The flora and bacterial DNA inside your gut are major contributors to your overall mental health.

The bacteria inside your gut are unique to your body. They require a certain balance for you to stay healthy. If your bacterial DNA is altered, you’re going to experience health issues until it’s back to normal. Your gut needs balance to function at optimal health.

What you eat affects every aspect of your health. The health of your gut is no exception to this rule. Discover what you should be eating on a regular basis to keep the flora and bacterial DNA inside your gut at the right levels to stay healthy.

Not all bacteria are bad. Your body needs good bacteria and the right balance of flora. You can take charge and eat for a healthy gut today.

Your mental health can affect the balance of your gut flora and beneficial bacteria.

If your gut flora is out of balance, there’s potential for the rest of your body to experience health problems, not the least of which is your mind. It’s a vicious cycle, really. Your brain may not firing on all cylinders because of your diet, and the imbalance in your gut can lead to problems with your mental well being.

If you are experiencing chronic stress, you may be causing conditions in your gut that are not viable for the balance of healthy flora. Your mental health can greatly undermine the healthy balance of the bacteria in your gut. Remember, balance is everything. Learn how to achieve it for good mental and physical health.

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