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The Hormone Connection for Mental Health

Whether you realize it or not, your body is constantly going through various processes. Your endocrine glands produce materials called hormones that greatly affect you in many different ways.

These glands play a role in influencing the growth and development of your body, including reproduction, sexual functions and your metabolism.

Hormones are not just important for your physical health, they can also play a role in your mental health. They can affect your mood and certain hormones are factors in depression.

When did you first begin experiencing the effects of hormonal imbalances?

How do these issues affect your overall health and wellness?

It’s likely that the first time you experienced the effects of hormones on your mood was in puberty. For women, puberty can bring emotional highs and lows as well as depression, anxiety and brain fog. For young men, anger and depression may result due to the varying levels of testosterone.

PMS is another important factor to consider when looking at the connection between hormones and your mental health. There are many different things that can cause PMS to be worse for some women, including genetics and nutrition.

More recently, mental health professionals have discovered a condition called PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) that results in anxiety, severe depression and seasonal affective disorder due to hormonal shifts.

Women may also experience issues relating to their mental health while pregnant or post-partum. Emotional changes and uncontrolled moods may result. Then there’s menopause, when hormonal changes lead to the end of periods for women. Leading up to this is the perimenopause phase, resulting in irregular periods, feelings of brain fog and decreased sexual drive.

Statistics show that almost 80% of women suffer from some type of hormonal imbalance, which can lead to a wide variety of physical and mental health issues.

And, it isn’t just women who are affected. Men who have too much estrogen may experience mental effects such as depression and mood swings.

Then, there’s the host of thyroid issues that can also have profound effects on mental wellness. An overactive thyroid can lead to anxiety, inability to sleep, feelings of panic and depression. In some cases, an underactive thyroid can lead to similar issues.

And what about your stress hormones? Adrenaline and cortisol, when out of balance, can create symptoms that might also appear to be related to your mental health. From depression to anxiety and insomnia, these are some issues that might pop up when you have too many or not enough stress hormones.

This is why it’s so important that you take an active role in your self-care and total body wellness. When working with a healthcare professional, make sure that he or she has a complete picture of your current health situation as well as your history.

You may also want to consider a holistic approach. Nutrition, supplements and steps to promote spiritual health could be something to think about.

Optimal mental health doesn’t have to be out of your grasp. Take the necessary steps today to begin moving toward a healthier happier life for yourself.  

Balanced hormones can go a long way towards helping you enjoy better mental clarity and wellness.

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