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A reminder about our mission…

In light of a recent opinion published on Forbes.com, we’d like to take a moment to remind everyone of our mission here at Health Talks Online (HTO).

How a Summit Is Formed
First, allow us to explain the process of how a health summit gets started to give you a better understanding of how content is chosen and developed. We are constantly working with hosts and topics. An ideal host is knowledgeable about the content, can dedicate a lot of time to the event, understands how to create a high-quality interview and, in most cases, can rally for the cause to drive a lot of traffic. Most times these hosts come to us with an idea. Periodically, we seek out hosts for ideas that we have. Once we’ve agreed on a topic and date, we start selecting speakers. This is usually driven by the host, but we provide background on past speaker performance, content relationship, ratings and might suggest some changes to the speaker schedule.

Second, we deliver the summit: topic, talks, discussion and process.

Our Mission
It is our mission at HTO to provide you with many and varied opinions about how to pursue a healthier life, whether you’re struggling with a chronic illness or simply want to maintain your vitality as you age, among many reasons. We don’t know what remedy is the right remedy for you–just want to give you a forum where you can learn from and explore several options.

Many times, experts at our events don’t even agree with each other that a particular course of action is right, but we can certainly present both of those opinions. It’s almost always the case that one solution doesn’t fit the entirety of the masses, so it may be that a particular course of action works for some, and not for others.

Since our inception in 2013, our events have reached nearly 2 million people worldwide. We know the format and the information don’t work for everyone, and that’s okay. We are part of an overall exploration into one’s improved health.

Nearly every day, people thank us for giving them access to health information that truly improved their lives and that of their families. For that, we are extremely grateful!


So, on to this opinion piece that was published on the Forbes.com website, “Keep Calm and Avoid Microbiome Mayhem. Our comments:

  • The writer wrote about us, yet never reached out to ask us any questions or allow us to clarify or correct her errors about our platform.
  • To date and with all current HTO events, we do not force people to buy anything to hear our content. We operate a “freemium” model that allows for people to see the content for free and buy it if they want to keep it on hand for future learning. Instead of forcing access to a physical, location-based conference that might cost a person hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in travel, accommodation and attendance, we present this information for free…and average 60,000 worldwide at each of our online events.
  • Our events are a collection of experts, often including very well known and respected health leaders and others with many varying opinions–it’s unfortunate that this writer did not choose to comment on more of the speakers for The Microbiome Medicine Summit.

With any of our events, we invite those with opinions on our health topics to reach out to us so we can discuss opportunities to help you provide them. (Click here to view our event calendar and click here to submit feedback.) Because, if there is an opinion missing from an event and we know of it far enough in advance. We’ll do our best to include it.

Thank you.

Bob & Bobby, co-founders of Health Talks Online

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5 Responses to A reminder about our mission…

  1. Bob and Bobby,
    I think your events have been a great service to the listeners who are trying to figure out how to navigate their health challenges. Personally I benefitted greatly on many health front from your programs. There is a very sad imbalance between conventional and alternative models in the market place and your programs support people waking up to a much great truth.

    As for the Forbes article, it did not really add anything significant to the conversation but exposed a truth which we all know and happens in conventional medicine also. The people who are making money of something or being paid in some way are typically the ones who speak the loudest. While there are some wonderful individuals who are beyond this concept it is an overwhelming truth.

    From my experiences, ones ability to navigate their own path amongst all their moment to moment choices is where true healing power lies. The question which really needs to be very carefully addressed is how to most effectively choose what support and what degrades any given individuals health at any given moment. The fascinating part of this is that the answer is dynamic.

    “One mans medicine is another mans poison” To go further with this truth, On persons medicine can be their poison if they have one more bite (or pill) or on another day when their body does not need it. This also applies to the ripeness of an item. I have a client who can eat a green firm avocado but gets a severe anaphylactic reaction when an avocado is perfectly ripe.

    I have found methods which work for me but it is more an art then a science. Microbiome consciousness is a foundational component of great health and this message you are generously supporting and sharing via your events.

    ~ maury brooks

  2. The article from Forbes was very weak, not worth worrying about

  3. Lana says:

    Interesting. I clicked to read the article on Forbes but was not able to because I use an ad blocker. Speaking of forcing people…

    • Lin Sp says:

      I read an article about Forbes and the ad blocker. Apparently, at least at some point in the past, some of Forbes ads downloaded malware onto users computers. So the ad blocker was necessary to prevent that. I don’t know if they’ve managed to clean that up or not. It wasn’t deliberate on the part of Forbes. They just didn’t do a great job of vetting their advertisers.

  4. OnlineWellnessEvents says:

    This is just ridiculous. Heaven forbid that we are educated to use food, herbs, and supplements to heal our disease ridden bodies. These “science” based “journalists” are basing their articles on faulty and corrupt information. The poor people who choose to listen to them will continue the cycle of “practicing medicine” with big pharma reaping all the benefits without a care for the lost lives. In the end I hope this just makes you even more motivated to keep up your global wellness mission! We support you!!

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