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About Health Talks Online

Health Talks Online is your connection to improved health.

In business since our first event in 2014, Health Talks Online has served health education and information to millions worldwide, helping them learn how to live healthier and happier lives. To date we have produced over 100 health related events and reached over 10 million people worldwide. With the launch of our HealthMeans platform in 2017, we hope to reach many times more in the following years.

Our platform and community are always evolving. And, it’s our mission to help the world heal by delivering your message to more of the people who need it most.

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Bobby CardwellCo-Founder

In 2011, Bobby created Health Talks Online as a full-service web, marketing and production answer for those in the functional medicine space. The company created technology solutions via individual websites, social media integration and leveraging various technology platforms to reach a global audience and help clients reach the masses with their important health messages, products and services.

Bob RothCo-Founder

Bob was raised in the start-up, technology marketing world, working for the likes of SimpleNet, broadcast.com, Yahoo! and 4INFO, to name a few. His foray into the health industry came when he began working with The University of Chicago. Through connections, he met co-founder, Bobby Cardwell, and, together, they optimized the “summit” model to more efficiently and effectively reach millions worldwide.

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