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Achieve Good Health With Personalized Modern Medicine

[Dr. Jeffrey Bland, PhD is speaking at The Healthy Gut Summit (February 9-16, online & free) on Tuesday, February 10. Continue reading to learn more about Dr. Jeffrey Bland’s work.]

The world of modern medicine is changing at a rapid pace, with new breakthroughs and developments every single day. There seems to be an unending list of what we should do or shouldn’t do when it comes to food, lifestyle, drugs, and medicine. And often, what was good for you last week is terrible for you this week.

If only there were a simple-to-understand formula that would apply to all of us universally. Alas, that’s just wishful thinking. Because we’re all different, we need particular medical treatments and lifestyle guides for our individual circumstances and physical make-up. What makes one individual healthy and strong might be completely wrong for someone else.

Depending on our individual lifestyle, we need to take a very focused approach to our medical needs in the 21st century. You must take some time to do the research and figure out what your individual needs are. There is no single silver bullet that works for everyone when it comes to our health. It’s time to learn what we need to be healthy with personalized lifestyle medicine.

You can learn what your body needs for good health based on your individual lifestyle.

Did you know there may be physiological responses that precede a crisis disease?

There may be multiple physiological responses that might signify an individual is about to experience a crisis disease such as cancer, heart attack and stroke, or other life threatening conditions. What if your body was trying to give you a head’s up before these catastrophes occurred and you simply didn’t know how to recognize it?

You can learn how to reinvigorate your body with processes like the “4R” program.

We can take charge of our health and execute custom plans to improve it.

One way to take charge of your health is to learn about the benefits of the amino acid glutamine and how it can help turn your health around. The “4R” program involves glutamine and the removal, replacement, reinoculation, and repair of your body’s gastrointestinal processes.

It’s all about getting back on track by eliminating toxins and then building back up the systems of the body so that they are healthy and functional: the way they were meant to be. Once we overcome the toxins in our systems, we give them a fresh start.

Our bodies have seven core physiological processes and once we learn what they are and how to nourish them properly, we can start living a healthy life.

There are ways to overcome gastrointestinal conditions like C. Difficile

Sometimes when we experience severe problems with our systems we have to be willing to look at unorthodox treatments in order to get well. This includes many personalized lifestyle medical options. Our individual diagnosis can help us design the medical track we need.

C. Difficile, or Clostridium Difficile is the kind of illness that can absolutely ruin a sufferer’s quality of life. It is exactly this kind of daunting condition that modern personalized lifestyle medicine is designed to combat.

We have to be willing to learn about all of our options when it comes to our health and the treatment of medical problems when they arise. The fecal transplant is being used to overcome C. Difficile and is just one example of modern personalized medicine in action.

We’re very excited to have Dr. Jeffrey Bland as a speaker for the Healthy Gut Summit (register now for free!). We can learn what to put in our guts to improve our lives and our total health. Take a proactive approach for your health and spot the early warning signs of dangerous diseases. Sign up now to hear from Dr. Jeffrey Bland and many other amazing health experts who know how to guide their patients to success. Make a move towards a healthy life today!

You can learn how to spot the warning signs!

Learn more from Dr. Jeffrey Bland at The Healthy Gut Summit.

Online and free from February 9-16, 2015. Register now!

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