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Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Reducing Depression and ADHD

Did you know there are four major causes of inflammation in your body? Inflammation is an immune response to injury, toxins, allergy and infection, and is often an allergic reaction to the foods you’re eating.

The problem with food allergies is that you might not be aware of the connection to problems you might expect to arise from eating certain foods. Inflammation can be caused by all kinds of foods and wreak havoc throughout the body, including your brain.

Inflammation in your brain caused by eating certain foods can lead to depression and memory loss.

Discover what foods cause inflammation and how to reverse its effects.

Some research shows that children with ADHD should eat more organic foods.

Pesticides, antibiotics and hormones may interfere with a child’s immunity development. There are also scientists looking at the link between GMO and the development of ADHD. Children suffering from ADHD can struggle with issues of self-esteem because they may feel isolated or separated from their peers.

There are ways you can detect inflammation processes as they begin to take shape in the body.

When it comes to inflammation, it can be traced to many health problems in the body. Be on the lookout for how your body reacts to certain foods. This is an important way to stay in tune with your health.

If it ends in “itis”- arthritis, gastritis, colitis, etc., it’s a form of chronic arthritis. If you can’t identify what’s causing your inflammation, you won’t know how to avoid it.

If you often experience aches and pains of your joints, stomach, or head, you may need to start looking at your diet and identifying possible allergens. Start by eliminating sugar, gluten and dairy. Replace them with healthy, anti-inflammatory vegetables.

There’s no simple answer that applies to every unique situation, but there may be steps you can take to experience a greater sense of balance and more health.

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