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Are Your Kids Wired, Disconnected, and Unreachable?

Have you ever noticed how many people around you, and maybe including you, are always on a device of one kind or another? People are plugged into their smart phones the instant they have an unoccupied moment to themselves.

emily c&t health talksModern technology brings so many benefits it can be easy for the downside to go unnoticed.

Have you noticed how it feels like no one talks anymore?

Face to face communication is suffering because of all the time your average person spends on mobile devices.

This constant disconnect from the real world, real interactions, and face to face relationships is potentially causing unhealthy changes to society as a whole.

You simply can’t spend all your free time online and think it’s not going to affect you and your loved ones.

But it’s having an especially detrimental effect on the social development of your children.

Kids are spending too much time plugged in and not enough time in real life, nurturing relationships.

You might have noticed this with your own kids. Sure, it’s normal as a parent to want to give your kids the latest and best technology, because it helps them learn as well as be entertained.

But it’s not too late to have a greater influence on how much time your kids are spending online. You have the power to change unhealthy habits in your children by setting a good example. Set a good example for them by disconnecting from your own devices.

It may be time for you to consider putting your teen on a media diet.

Moderation is key when it comes to just about everything in life. This rule also applies to time spent on the internet.

If you exercise too much, you risk injury. If you drink too much alcohol, you risk getting sick. Eat too much and you develop a weight problem. Seeing the pattern? Spending too much time on the internet can lead to all kinds of unhealthy habits.

A media diet for your teen can be as simple as limiting their number of hours spent online in a single day. You can decrease their use of social media, smart phones, and simply encourage them to spend their time in healthier pursuits.

Remember, you are the parent, and they’re the child. You set the ground rules. It may be time for you to take charge of your teen’s internet use.

You can put your children on the right path for a lifetime of self esteem and confidence.

Teens are at the age when their self esteem and confidence are under constant assault from media. They are also forming the foundation for how their feelings of self esteem and confidence will affect the rest of their lives.

You can lead your teens in the right direction. They don’t have to become products of the media circus culture stretching out in every direction around them. Teach your children that their worth and identity don’t come from the outside.

Your kids don’t have to spend all their time online. It’s up to you to make sure they have the guidance and boundaries they need to use anything in life, especially the internet, in a healthy manner. Be the parent you were meant to be for your children.

A media diet may be what you need to raise healthy children!

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