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Can Low Glycemic Intake Prevent Heart Disease?

When you eat carbohydrates like breads and refined sugars, your body changes them into glucose. Glucose is the sugar used by your body for energy. If you eat too many simple carbs over a period of time, it can ultimately affect your body’s ability to control blood sugar.

By using the glycemic index, you can get an idea as to how quickly your body turns a carbohydrate into glucose. The slower the better. The glycemic index allows you to pick healthier carbohydrates which don’t blitz your body and are less likely to threaten and disrupt its ability to process glucose.

Your blood sugar level can quickly get out of hand with the western diet. Beware of how much sugar and carbs you’re getting every day!

By understanding how much of an impact eating a particular food can have on your blood sugar level, you can make better judgements about what to eat and how it will affect your body.

Understanding glycemic load is especially necessary for combating insulin resistance and for achieving weight loss goals. It’s also important to understand that spikes in blood sugar have been linked to the development of diabetes.

Eating a healthy diet can reduce your chance of heart disease and it may also allow you to avoid the development of other health problems, like diabetes and cancer.

Learn the foods you should be eating every day to build and maintain a strong and healthy heart. Replace foods you should be avoiding with heart health foods to maximize your chances of a long and healthy life!

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