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Drug Interactions and Contradictions

Taking medications of any kind can be challenging enough for the human body as it contends with toxicity and side effects. According to stats from the CDC, nearly 50% of people in the U.S. regularly take one prescription drug. About 20% of people regularly take three or more prescription drugs and more than 10% of individuals take five or more prescription drugs.

Medications are the result of advancements in science and technology and they can be beneficial. However, when you find yourself taking a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs, you may have to deal with multiple side effects that can put tremendous strain on your body.

Not only that, but having to take multiple medications and drugs every day can be a daunting task that is hard to manage. Trying to take the right combination of pills at the right time every day can become an unwelcome chore and really interfere with your life.

Discover possible alternatives to your pharmaceutical cocktail in the food you eat every day.

What if you could find what you need for healing in nature’s bounty? Would you be willing to explore alternatives to drugs in nature’s bounty and discover potential healing in your food?

Discover the importance of food based nutraceuticals and potential strategies to safely taper and detox.

It’s vital for you to learn and understand how to get the healing you need from natural foods. There is research to suggest that you can potentially get the same results from natural foods that you do from pharmaceuticals. You may be able to begin transitioning from taking pharmaceuticals by introducing certains foods into your diet.

It’s always important to undertake changes as safely as possible. Learn how to taper your pharmaceutical intake in at a healthy pace. Discover how over time you can potentially quit your dependance on pharmaceuticals altogether. You can also learn how to safely detox your body.

In your daily routine, there are probably lots of various things that you come into contact with that present different toxins. From the air you breathe to the environment you work in to the products you use on your skin and hair. Sometimes, these things have toxic elements that you just don’t realize are present.

Since your body functions as one large system made up of interconnected systems working together, there’s a good chance that you may be suffering side effects that you don’t even realize.

Discover what foods you can eat to potentially improve your health and you might be able eliminate your need for pharmaceuticals entirely.

If you have to take a pharmaceutical cocktail, it’s vital to understand the risk of dangerous drug interactions.

Not every drug is safe to take in combination with each other. It’s of utmost importance for you to know which of your drugs is safe to mix with others. Carelessness with drug interactions could be life threatening.

Always be sure to have a clear understanding of which of your drugs have the potential to react to each other. Make sure you take them strictly according to the directions. Always be sure to understand what foods have the potential for unhealthy interactions with your pharmaceuticals as well.

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