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Essential Oils for Animals

Did you know essential oils aren’t just for humans? Your pets can also benefit! Just like oils provide you with a myriad of physical, mental and emotional benefits, they can do the same for your beloved furry friends.

You can use essential oils to treat dental problems, cuts and scrapes, allergies, digestive problems, as flea and tick repellant, to ease feelings of anxiety and just about any health problem your pet may have.

Be sure when you use essential oils to help your pets that you’re not using anything that can harm their health.

It’s also vital for you to be aware of what essential oils and blends of essential oils you should avoid using on your pets. What might be harmless to you is not necessarily the case with your pets. Some may be toxic for your cats, dogs, horses and any other animal friends you may have.

Do your research and consult trusted and verified sources. The benefits of essential oils for your household pets are invaluable. Treat their health with the same diligence as your children.

Animals will often lick the area where an essential oil has been applied. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on your pet to watch for potential allergic reactions or negative responses.

Some things to be on the lookout for are diarrhea, vomiting, weakness, lethargy, depression, tremors and seizures, excessive drooling and temporary paralysis. Any of these signs could signal that your pet and a particular essential oil don’t mix.

Remember, while essential oils are meant to help, don’t misuse them and cause your pet harm!

Perhaps the easiest way to apply essential oils to your pet is topically. You can put them on individual problem areas (like hotspots), you can add them to your pet’s bathwater, and you can massage them into your pet’s muscles.

You can use the inhalation method by using a mist spray bottle and putting the essential oil into the air in the pet’s environment. You can also use the steam method; putting flowers and leaves through the steam distillation process.

janet-roarkYou can diffuse essential oils in an enclosed space with your pet (aromatherapy). Your pet breaths the essential oils into their body triggering immune system reactions such as healing, stimulation responses, and relaxation.

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