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Getting Rid of Harmful Toxins – Is it Possible?

[Dr. Dan Pompa is speaking at The Diabetes World Summit (March 23-31, online and free) on Wednesday, March 25. Click here to register for free! Continue reading to learn more about Dr. Pompa’s work.]

Your body is made up of complex cells that perform many functions. But if your cells are compromised, you could experience all kinds of health problems and complications. Did you know the health of your cells can be affected by your decisions and choices?

pompa diabetesYou might not realize it, but you are exposed to toxins all day long. It’s just the way it is in the modern western world.

So much of what you surround yourself with at work and at home is toxic that it inevitably has an impact on your cells.

The same can be said for your food. The western diet is full of toxins like preservatives and food colorings.

Unless you stay vigilant, it is easy to eat foods at every meal that are contributing to the erosion of your cells and not even know it.

But you can choose to reduce and remove the toxins surrounding you at home and work

You can also choose to read labels and get educated about the toxins found in your foods.

You don’t have to be at the mercy of chemical companies, toxic materials, and toxic food distributors that are compromising the health of your cells. You can make the decision to get rid of toxic materials and foods in your life.

Your cell membranes are not the only casualty in your body caused by toxins.

Your cell receptors are also suffering complications from all the toxins in your food and environment. Your insulin receptors are also being damaged by your food choices and all the toxins making their way into your body. If your insulin receptors are damaged, you could be at risk of developing diabetes due to out of control blood sugar levels.

You may also experience toxic inflammation due to you food choices and exposure to toxins in your environment.

Toxic inflammation is caused by over consumption of refined sugar and grains, bad fats from foods, and the wide variety of toxins found in the products you use every day. Cosmetics, household cleaning products, and air pollution all contribute to toxic inflammation.

Toxic inflammation and oxidative stress are most likely the causes of all of the disease processes you are likely experiencing.

Fat is one of the most important macronutrients for you to maintain healthy diet!

Healthy fats are the number one missing macronutrient in the western diet. In fact, healthy fats are essential for maintaining a healthy weight. There are a lot of foods that have good fats. It’s just a matter of learning the difference between the good and the bad.

Good fats are found in foods like fish and nuts. Coconut oil is also a good source of the healthy fats your body needs. Avoiding fats altogether is not the way to achieve your fat loss goals or a way to maintain a healthy weight.

You can improve your total health by identifying what foods you need to eliminate from your diet and which foods you need to add. Take care of your insulin receptors and your cells for good health. Get the right fats your body needs for good health.

We’re very excited to have Dr. Dan Pompa as a speaker for the Diabetes World Summit (register now for free!). Learn how to reduce the toxins in your food and environment for better health. Sign up now to hear from Dr. Pompa and many other amazing health experts who know how to guide their patients to success. Make a move towards a healthy life today!

Learn how to reduce and remove toxins from your life!

Learn more from Dr. Pompa at The Diabetes World Summit.

Online and free from March 23-31, 2015. Register now!

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