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How The Liver Cleans Our Body

[Chris Meletis, ND is speaking at The Healthy Gut Summit (February 9-16, online & free) on Tuesday, February 10. Continue reading to learn more about Chris Meletis’ work.]

One of the most overlooked and possibly hardest working organs in our body is that old workhorse, the liver. Often only thought of as the organ that processes alcohol, the liver is actually responsible for filtering out all kinds of toxins from our bodies. We only get one liver, so it’s important to take care of it and make sure it remains healthy.

Like the other organs of the body, our liver has special needs in order to stay on top of its game. All of our organs and our body’s multiple systems are connected to each other in the greater scheme of our total health. If we don’t put into our bodies what our organs need in the form of nutrition, or what’s worse, we put in harmful toxins, our organs can suffer.

By learning how our liver functions and what exactly it needs to stay healthy and last us a lifetime, we can be sure we’re giving it and all of our organs the care they need. Your liver is vital to not only survive, but the health of your liver has a direct correlation to our quality of life. Remember: take care of your liver and it will take care of you.

You can learn what your liver needs in order to stay healthy by learning what it does.

If you don’t know how to care for your liver, you could be causing damage you’re not aware of.

Your liver is like a vital piece of equipment found in a worker’s tool box. Even if all the other tools necessary to do a job right are there, if you’re missing even one single tool you need to do the job right, you’re out of luck. As long as you’re missing the one piece, you might as well be missing them all. It’s the same with your liver. If everything works but your liver, you are in trouble.

Did you know your liver function is directly tied to your intestinal health?

The health of your intestines goes hand in hand with that of your liver.

Before your blood can travel through your digestive system, it must first be filtered through your liver. That means your digestive system will be overrun with harmful toxins if your liver is compromised. If your liver isn’t healthy and doing its job, your digestive system will suffer.

It’s easy to think about the body as a gear filled machine with all kinds of moving parts. Every part is dependant upon every other part doing its job effectively. Any slowdown, even the slightest imbalance in the machine of the human body can lead to a breakdown of the entire thing.

Our livers are a cog in the greater scheme of our health. Keep it healthy and it will do it’s job as you live into your golden years.

Today it seems television programming is filled with drug advertisements. Our culture is one that looks to drugs to solve even our most insignificant of ailments. But what if you found out there were healthy, natural alternatives to harmful drugs?

Learn how to keep your bowels in motion with natural remedies!

Throughout the history of our species we looked to mother earth for healing. Herbs, plants, and all kinds of natural foods provided us with healing when we needed it. This is still possible today! There are numerous natural remedies to keep our bowels moving smoothly.

The health of our systems and how we age is all about living a healthy lifestyle and getting the nutrition we need. Your chronological age is not what matters. Our biological age is what determines our health, not some arbitrary number.

We’re very excited to have Chris Meletis, ND, as a speaker for the Healthy Gut Summit (register now for free!). We can learn how to take care of our livers and use natural remedies for proper bowel function. It’s just about learning how. Take a proactive approach for your health and keep your organs running smoothly. Sign up now to hear from Chris Meletis, ND, and many other amazing health experts who know how to guide their patients to success. Make a move towards a healthy life today!

You can learn how to take care of all your parts!

Learn more from Chris Meletis, ND, at The Healthy Gut Summit.

Online and free from February 9-16, 2015. Register now!

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