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Learn How Outdoor Play Teaches Kids to Survive and Thrive

Cliff Hodges C&ThealthsummitKids can learn a lot about how to live their lives by learning how they fit into the natural world around them. But, it’s up to the adults in their lives to teach them.

Maybe you aren’t much of an outdoor person yourself and thus you haven’t spent much time instilling a love of nature in your children.

It’s never too late to get back to nature and enjoy some old fashioned outdoor play! Kids actually crave this type of uninhibited activity, but it requires making it a priority in your busy life.

You can nurture their adventurous spirit and teach them what they stand to gain through a life long relationship with the natural world. This will in turn teach them how to carve out their place in their communities and ultimately their world.

By learning the skills needed to survive in the wilderness they also learn about self sufficiency and the skills they need to live and become productive members of their society. What you teach your children about nature translate to how they function in the modern civilized world.

By learning adventure skills in nature, your children and teens learn how to survive and thrive anywhere.

These skills will keep them curious, strong, fit, and healthy as they grow into productive citizens.

Surviving in the wild isn’t easy, and children need a good educational basis to even attempt to do so. The discipline needed for survival skills teaches children about how to interact with their natural environment in a healthy and sustainable manner. This in turn helps them to be healthier and happier individuals.

Nothing teaches the value of proper conservation skills like roughing it in the wilderness.

By teaching our children they have to make a plan and execute it in order to eat and stay warm, they come to respect the value of things and the natural order of the universe.

By teaching the next generation how to stay warm and dry in the wilderness, we teach them the value of hard work, time management, and conservation of their resources. In essence, survival skills are the perfect basis for life skills.

Learning to respect the world around them teaches kids how to respect everyone and everything in their lives. If you teach your children to put in the time and energy to spend time in the wild, you help them come to appreciate and respect all they have and be thankful for the people in their lives.

Survival skills aren’t just for our kids.

We can all learn something by connecting with our natural world and learning where we fit in and how to carve out an existence for ourselves.

Even adults can benefit from spending some time in the woods. Think about your childhood. Chances are you have at least a few good memories from time spent in the woods. It’s only natural.

Our modern, busy lives keep us spending our time commuting in the car, working at the office, traveling while on the job, or caring for family at home or in the kitchen. And none of this makes for any quality time with our natural world around us, which is often not much further than a short walk or drive away.

Adults need that interaction with nature, too, and learning survival and adventure skills is a great way to reconnect with our natural environment.

We’re very excited to have Cliff Hodges as a speaker for the Children’s & Teen Health Summit (register now for free!). As an entrepreneur, fitness expert and CEO and Founder of Adventure Out LLC, Cliff understands how important it is to understand the wilderness surrounding our modern world. With survival and adventure skills, you can learn how to empower yourself and your kids in new ways.

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