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Mental Health from Scratch: Redefining the Care Paradigm


When you hear the words “health care,” what comes to mind? Perhaps you think about a doctor or nurse you had an experience with during a time when you were ill. Maybe you think about the health care industry and all the folks who have jobs because of it.

What if health care as you currently know was not sustainable? For many years here in the west, the paradigm has consisted of treating the symptoms and not necessarily the root causes of your health problems. For some time now, western medicine has been dominated by various pharmaceutical companies who have a prescription option for every conceivable health concern.

Some experts feel this has led to an unhealthy dependency on medications. Not only that, there’s a chance that this model has caused the importance of healthy diet and lifestyle to be ignored. Many people view the healthcare industry as little more than doctors prescribing drugs to their patients for even the most minor of problems.

But what if there could be another way?

Functional medicine could become a cornerstone of the future of health care.

The world is waking up to the endless possibilities of healthy alternatives to the over medicated paradigm that is western medicine. Alternatively, functional medicine may the future of healthcare.

The future of healthcare is likely going to be community driven.

Your community may one day serve as your “guru” for a healthy future.

The future of healthcare may look much different from what it does now. The gigantic, impersonal conglomerates making decisions about your health care from a million miles away could likely shift into you gaining more access to local wisdom from smaller, micro practices.

What if you could turn to the people you need with the health advice you need? Think about the people you already know and trust. What if the community you live in were to have the answers you need for your health care issues?

Functional medicine may be a way for medicine to get back to the basics of nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Online technology is reshaping the face of healthcare.

Online technology has made it possible for you to communicate with experts from all over the world and discuss health concerns with a vast online community. Information and education are the keys to good health, and the internet has made information more accessible than any time in history.

You can now look up your symptoms on the internet and quickly discover the root causes for your health problems. You can also learn all about how to live a healthy, disease-free lifestyle from people and health professionals from all over the world.

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