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Orthomolecular Medicine Approach to Mental Health Disorders

Orthomolecular medicine is the idea that diseases and illnesses of the body are the result of the optimum nutritional environment of your body becoming out of balance. It posits that if you can manage to get your nutritional levels back in a healthy balance, there is potential to heal illness, including mental illness.

How much time and attention do you devote to your self-care?

Feeding your body nutritional, healthy foods is an important part of self-care that many people neglect. You’re on the go, rushing from one thing to the next in life. Sometimes finding time to eat right just isn’t in the cards. But it should be.

Did you know that antipsychotic drugs have the potential to cause many side effects affecting your health?

While antipsychotic medications are designed and sold by the pharmaceutical companies for the treatment of mental disorders, many of them potentially have serious side effects and may contain toxic elements detrimental to your long term health.

Many antipsychotic medications have the potential to cause a host of other problems as they attempt or even excel at treating one particular mental disorder. It’s vital for you to be aware of the side effects and dangers of your prescriptions.

Did you know there is potentially specific nutritional supplementation that may help you with mental disorders?

So much of what is found in nature is vital for keeping you healthy. There is potential for you to literally eat your way to good health, and the same can be said for your mental health. By learning how to get your nutritional environment in balance, you can get better.

You may want to consider taking nutritional supplements in pill or powder form to get what your body needs for good health. Supplements help your mind just like they help your body.

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