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Quality Seafood for your Heart

Many people think of seafood as a healthy source of protein, and while it’s true that fish is healthy, there is a drastic difference between wild-caught seafood and seafood raised on a farm.

Not all seafood is tainted by dangerous levels of mercury, as some sources would have you believe.

Certain species of seafood and fish like salmon, sablefish, sardines, scallops, prawns and crabs are inherently low in mercury levels. If you eat smaller, younger members of the predatory species, like halibut and albacore tuna, you are also at minimal risk.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has set very conservative limits for what constitutes dangerous mercury levels. The limit is one part per million, which is ten times lower than the lowest level of contamination associated with mercury poisoning.

The facts pertaining to mercury poisoning are often obscured by media hype and disinformation. Learn the truth about your food from reliable sources.

Healthy Options for a Seafood Diet

Seafood, in particular fish and salmon, are full of polyunsaturated fats and omega-3s, which unfortunately are not that stable, that’s why they are frequently removed from processed fish. Wild caught seafood is believed by many to be a healthier option for your good health.

Mercury has been in fish for thousands of years. Eskimo hairs found in ancient tombs have mercury in them, and communities that lived on fish have historically been the healthiest. When it comes to eating fish, as long as you eat fish with low amounts of mercury, it’s considered safer.

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