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The Gut-Heart Connection

Did you know your heart health is directly linked to what goes on in your gut? If your gut biome is out of balance, it can cause your heart to experience problems. The flora inside your gut need to be kept in balance so the good outnumbers the bad.

A lot of your gut health is determined by what you eat every day. Certain foods are great for keeping your gut in a healthy state of balance while others are not. It’s vital for you to learn what foods to eat regularly to help maintain a healthy gut.

Your body’s systems all work together to make up your total health picture. Don’t underestimate the connection between your gut and your heart.

Once you learn how to eat for a healthy gut, you’ll be eating for a healthy heart!

The foods you eat can contribute to inflammation in your gastrointestinal system and wreak havoc on your health. You can also get inflammation in your GI system from various lifestyle factors like caffeine and alcohol consumption, as well as taking certain drugs like NSAIDs.

Only when you understand the causes of your GI system’s inflammation can you begin to make the changes your body needs.

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