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The Importance of Taking Time to be a Family

Have you taken a moment lately to think about just how busy you and your family really are? Modern life is so busy, families rarely get to spend any regular quality time together anymore. It’s starting to have negative effects on what it means to be an American family.

Chances are, you and your spouse probably both have full time careers or jobs. Add to that the stress of your kids’ busy schedules and it can become quite the rare thing for a family to sit down to dinner together or find quality time together at all.

Would like to spend more time together as a family? Of course you would. What parent wouldn’t? But it just seems so impossible with all your family’s obligations. You can’t seem to squeeze one more minute out of the day.

carrie contey c&thealthBut what if you could? How would your family’s life look? What would have to change?

You can find a way to slow your family’s pace down and enjoy quality time together.

You don’t have to rush away your lives, passing each other at home and never really connecting.

It’s time you realize that how much time you spend with your family is ultimately up to you. You are in control. Take charge and start making the changes necessary for your family to spend quality time together and form those connections that are so important in life.

You and your children have the power within you to provide yourselves the self-care you need.

You and your children will go through the full spectrum of emotions as you raise them. There are lots of ways you and your kids can practice emotional self care.

Think about the last time you lost your temper or felt scared. Do you think you could have handled the situation better? What about the last time your children experienced these kinds of feelings? Could you and your children benefit from some self care techniques?

Self care is when you take action to remind yourself that it’s going to be ok. You can take charge of your emotions and learn to control them in ways you might have never imagined. Imagine if you could control your anger or fear with some simple self care methods.

Once you and your children learn how to practice self care techniques, you can be the master of your emotions and take charge of your feelings for the rest of your lives.

If you and your family never have any fun, you could be putting your physical and mental health at risk.

Have you had any fun lately? Real fun that wasn’t a side effect of your families obligations? If you don’t make room for having fun in yours and your family’s lives, you are missing out on bonding experiences, stress relief, and just the simple joy of life together.

You and your family need the emotional outlet that some good fun provides. Not only as a family, but also individually. If all you do is work and all your kids do is go to school and extracurricular activities like sports, you’ll have very little ways to release the stress that builds up from the grind.

Your family might need to slow down and take a look around. Evaluate what’s really important and see where you can make some changes to your schedules and lifestyle in order to get some quality family time together. And never forget the value of fun!

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