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The state of summits!

Can you believe we’ve already completed 16 of the 21 summits on our schedule this year…anyone remember that 5-week period where we launched a new summit every Monday–it was 35-straight days of new talks. Crazy-wow!

We’ve got some huge events to close out the year, including a thyroid event with Dr. Amy Myers and a follow-up to Dr. Hyman’s successful Fat Summit earlier this year, to name a few.

What have we learned this year…

Some have said that “the summit model is dead,” and we’ve written about why it’s not dead by our metrics. Sure, the platform may not be the shiny, new toy anymore, but we’ve evolved and optimized it (and will continue to do so) to ensure viability for all: attendees, hosts, speakers and affiliates. As long as you plug in stellar content and drive as much traffic as you can, the HTO summit platform will crank out happy (healthier!) customers.

To put some numbers to it, in 2016, we’ve:

  • Increased our sales conversion 1/2%, which represents a 10% increase from last year.
  • Increased the average unit sales price, year-over-year, by $16/sale, or 24%.
  • Raised prices this year, and sales conversion went up! Elasticy, ha!
  • Surpassed the total enabled gross revenue that was generated for all of last year! Long live summits!

These improved metrics came in spite of facing a tough, unexpected issue when InfusionSoft informed us that hosts of events could no longer keep the list of attendees who registered. By implementing a “nurture sequence” and adding a secondary, optional opt-in at registration, we’re again retaining a majority of those who register (about 70%). Shake it all out, and that’s probably about the same percentage a host would end up with in the old model–and without the fear that massive opt-outs and complaints could cause InfusionSoft to completely shut down their database.

So, all is well here in Summitland! We’re currently booking events for the summer of 2017 and beyond, so shout out if you have an idea!

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