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The Thyroid Connection to Type 2 Diabetes

[Izabella Wentz, PharmD,  is speaking at The Diabetes World Summit (March 23-31, online and free) on Tuesday, March 24. Click here to register for free! Continue reading to learn more about Dr. Wentz’s work.]

Diabetes is reaching epidemic levels as almost twenty-six million Americans (or about eight percent of the population), suffer from the disease. Type 2 diabetes can lead to a variety of serious medical problems affecting your heart, eyes, kidneys, and nervous system.

wentz diabetesDid you know that research indicates diabetics generally suffer from increased rates of thyroid disorders? The reason is that healthy thyroid function is dependent on normal blood sugar levels. If your blood sugar levels are out of normal range, your thyroid cannot function properly.

The irony is normal thyroid function depends on healthy blood sugar levels, while keeping blood sugar levels in a healthy range depends on healthy thyroid function. The two are linked and if one is out of tune, the other will suffer for it.

It’s vital for you to identify any problems with your thyroid and realize the connection to your type 2 diabetes.

Know the symptoms for early detection and understand the relationship between your thyroid and your blood sugar levels.

Some signs of a thyroid problem are abnormal fatigue, abnormal weight loss or weight gain, swelling in your neck, unexplained muscle and joint pain, hair loss, bowel problems, including diarrhea and constipation, and menstrual abnormalities in women, to name a few.

If you suffer from diabetes, you could be more likely to suffer from autoimmune thyroid disease.

Sufferers of type 2 diabetes are much more likely than people without the disease to develop thyroid diseases like hyperthyroidism.

What if you could find a way to potentially reverse or avoid developing these kinds of serious thyroid health problems? What if you could keep your thyroid and blood sugar levels normal by living a healthy and active lifestyle?

Celiac disease in persons with diabetes can cause abnormal blood sugar levels due to malfunctions in nutrient absorption.

A common problem for some diabetes patients is undiagnosed celiac disease. Celiac disease affects the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from certain foods, and often causes blood sugar levels to be either abnormally high or low.

Celiac disease is just one of the myriad health problems that can develop as a result of diabetes.

It is possible for you to balance your blood sugar without drugs and heal your thyroid.

You don’t have to rely on the endless stream of potentially harmful drugs from the big pharmaceutical companies to balance your blood sugar and heal your ailing thyroid. Think of all the potential side effects and risks from taking medications for so long.

It’s possible for you to learn how to accomplish your medical goals naturally and safely without bombarding your body with all the harmful toxins found in so many medications. There is a natural way to find the healing you’re looking for.

You can opt for a drug free method to achieve your health goals and balance your blood sugar and take care of your thyroid for a lifetime. It’s all about choosing to live a lifestyle conducive to healthy blood sugar levels and a healthy thyroid.

We’re very excited to have Dr. Izabella Wentz, PharmD, as a speaker for the Diabetes World Summit (register now for free!). Learn how to maintain a healthy thyroid and blood sugar level. Sign up now to hear from Dr. Wentz and many other amazing health experts who know how to guide their patients to success. Make a move towards a healthy life for your kids today!

Learn how to regulate your blood sugar levels for a healthy life!

Learn more from Izabella Wentz, PharmD, at The Diabetes World Summit.

Online and free from March 23-31, 2015. Register now!

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