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Unleash a Passion for Learning in Your Kids

You enter this world learning, and only you can say when it’s time to stop. You can keep learning throughout your life and always be enriched by the process. So much of our learning is attributed to school that it’s easy to forget learning comes from all around us.

Did you know that you can direct your own learning? You don’t need to be crammed into a classroom and taught out of a thick, textbook in order to learn. And what’s more important is that neither do your children. You can teach them to love learning on their own.

Just like you can develop a burning desire to never stop learning in yourself, only you can pass that desire for learning down to the next generation. Teach your children that they have the power to explore their world and learn about it on their own, not just in school.

It’s vital that your children get that desire to learn while they’re still young for an enriching life!

“Learning to learn” while they’re young will empower your children to reach their full potential.

Your kids are only going to get a passion for learning from you. As a parent, you are their greatest teacher. In fact, you have the power to begin teaching them from their first moment of life. Your actions toward them show them how to interact with the world. The behaviors that you model for them demonstrate to them how important kindness, empathy and other attributes can be.

No teacher can instill that desire in their hearts like you can. Take charge of your kids’ education now so they have the skills they need to take charge of it later. Teach them how to learn on their own.

Deschooling is a way for your child to learn outside of the box of traditional school paradigms.

For generations, children have been stuffed into classrooms and taught that their learning can only come from recognized educational authority. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Your kids can learn from other sources. They can learn from people in their community, from extended family, from friends, from you, and most importantly, from themselves. You don’t have to keep your children’s learning limited to a failing traditional education system.

Community and neighborhood based learning are possible alternatives to the old schoolhouse. Traditional schooling is teaching your children little more than subservience and killing their natural desire and love of learning. Your children desperately need alternatives!

Traditional schooling has the potential to negatively your children’s’ sense of self esteem, especially if they struggle with any sort of learning challenges or different skill-sets. What’s more, not being flexible with learning alternatives can place limits on their inborn independent thought. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

There is a way for you and your children to experience life-long learning that will always enrich your lives.

Learning doesn’t have to simply grind to a halt after you graduate from high school or college. The knowledge of our world doesn’t deserve to be crammed into a few short years of classroom learning, and then called finished. You could learn your entire life and barely scratch the surface.

But if you aren’t taught how to learn, and perhaps more importantly, to love to learn early in life, you won’t place any value on learning and your mind will stop seeking out new nourishment in the form of knowledge.

By never stopping the learning process, you will lead a richer, fuller life than you could ever imagine if you simply give up the right to learn after graduation from traditional school. Humans need to keep learning: it’s simply part of who you are.

Learn how important learning is for healthy children!

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