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What is Metabolic Cardiology and Why Does it Matter?

Metabolic cardiology is a new field of heart medicine that focuses on the prevention, treatment and management of cardiovascular diseases on a cellular level through biochemical methods which are native to your human body.

This field ultimately aims for you to achieve optimum heart health by making sure your heart gets the nutrients it needs to make adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to fuel proper heart function. Without ATP, your heart cannot function at top capacity.

Learn how to eat a diet that will help your heart get what it needs to flourish and thrive.

You only get one heart in life: make sure you’re feeding it what it needs to do its job for you. There is no perfect test for detecting cardiovascular disease, but there are a group of tests which may give you a picture of where your heart health stands. Combine these proper tests with a healthy diet and lifestyle to help get your heart in shape for a longer and healthier life.

There are cholesterol tests which can determine if your arteries are experiencing inflammation. You can also test your blood for inflammation, which is the root cause of cardiovascular diseases. You also need an insulin test, as elevated levels can be a precursor to heart disease and diabetes.

There are many daily supplements you can take to help keep your heart healthier for life.

Daily supplements can be a good option for maintaining your heart health. Supplements are available for improving cholesterol levels, maintaining healthy blood pressure, easing digestive stress and improving gut flora, and getting the right vitamins your heart needs for peak performance.

When it comes to heart healthy supplements, make sure you’re only getting the right stuff for your heart. Avoid harmful drugs like statins and make sure your getting quality omega-3s from good sources like calamarine oil. Don’t risk your heart health on sketchy products!

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